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and virginia. they succeeded in texas. >> he typically is not somebody who has been told no very much. >> reporter: now, meet the man who got him booted out of texas, bill walters. >> he said he could never be successful if he sold through franchise dealers, he never tried it. >> reporter: he invited us to meet him in austin, mainly to prove it is all slicked back dealers and shiny suits. he said that dealers, many of them, are extremely heinous. he called on people who have been screwed over in texas by an auto dealer, saying this is payback time. >> that is just totally wrong. >> reporter: he is also quick to appoi point out that the only thing texas asked him to do was play by the same rules as everybody else. >> this happens all the time, somebody wants an exception to the franchise laws. and our policymakers don't want to make an exception, when this company, tesla, could do better selling through a franchise dealer network of his own cho e choosing, there is no reason to make a change. >> reporter: musk believes the state governments are bowing to pressure from people like walt
texas, to canada to mexico thanks in part to the first amber alert issued to all california cell phones as this community holds out hope. dimaggio is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa but police say he may have ditched that car for another. >>> the cleveland house of horrors was reduced to a pile of rubble, the place where three women were held hostage and tortured for a decade is demolished. >>> a woman is punched in the face while being questioned by police. what officers said prompted the violence. >> and moms stage a nurse in. why 20 mothers showed up to breast feed at the airport. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment? switch to a fios triple play online for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years plus your choice of a $300
. severe storms around the texas panhandle. scattered showers from south dakota to minnesota. thunderstorms for much of the east coast. and in the west, from new mexico, to colorado. >> mostly 80s in the rockies. 70s in the upper midwest. 90s in the southeast. 80s from boston to atlanta. >>> still ahead, a star-studded dispute. which actor left the movie set because he wasn't getting $3 million for less than a week of work? >>> plus, an international manhunt is under way, after investigators say a teenage girl was abducted from her own home. this morning, the plea from her father. >>> and reducing the risk of dementia. what doctors are saying about a connection between alzheimer's and your blood sugar level. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple i
for weakness and disorientation. the vice president traveled with his son to texas and has been by his side. this isn't the first health scare for bo biden. he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. also not the first time the vice president has had to be next to his son. in 2010 when he had the stroke. and in 1972 when his then wife and young daughter died in the horrific car crash. only bo and his brother hunter only survivors in the car crash. there was the vice president. >> weeks after he was elected. had to take the oath of office at his bedside. >> at his bedside. when he started his trips by train. which he, he, did for very long time. continues to do. so, hopefully obviously we hope for the very best he gets better. >> absolutely. let's move overseas to egypt where there have been major developments overnight. spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood, has been detained by police in cairo. he and one of his powerful deputies will go on trial later this month accused of killing eight protesters. >> a dawn to dusk curfew in effect in cairo as the the city tries to get back to normal. abc's
of vice president joe biden. there's word he is being evaluated at a cancer center in texas. biden felt weak and disoriented after driving to indiana for a family vacation. this is not the first health scare for beau biden who became delaware's attorney general in 2007. after a mild stroke in may of 2010 he spent a week at the hospital and more than a month recuperating at home. >>> health problems that forced aretha franklin from attend an event in chicago. major league baseball was set to honor her as the beacon of change honor row. she says she's unable to travel. she has refused to be more specific about the ailments. . >>> a live look downtown right now, gfor the 7:00 hour. many of you getting ready to head out the door. how's it going to look all day? >> charley we have some changes coming in the forecast for you. and i'm speaking of a nice cooldown across the area. stick around for that coming up. >> here's a look at the fog on 83. i'll show you what the other main lines look at and bring you the latest drive times coming up after the break. and you could save hundreds." call or
of caribbean and into the gulf of mexico. all eyes on texas with that storm. >>> tonight, 60 not as cool. we'll call it a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds will thicken late day tomorrow. that could mean a shower into tomorrow night. the next couple of days, temperatures drop a little bit sunday. the best chance for rain is sunday. then into the day on monday, we have a chance for showers in, i think they will clear out quickly. right now it looks like summer will make another run at up to 90 degrees by the middle part, late part of next week. we are still in august. although it feels like we're already in september. august has the ability to crank up the temperatures. >> tomorrow is the better day for the cook out then sunday. >> i think so. thank you. >>> he is supposed to be impartial, but a man sworn to uphold the law of the land a judge is charged with using a position to frame the husband of a woman he loved. we have the bizarre story. >> reporter: he was expected to uphold the law instead west virginia circuit judge michael thornsberry is accused of rigging the wheels of justice to pu
to figure out why a texas man went to two homes last night shooting eight people, killing four of them. the suspect may have a military background and was reportedly a former danceer at dallas mavericks games. texas police have a man in custody suspected of killing four people and wounding four others at two different locations late last night. reports identified the suspect as a man who may have a military background. his first target the home of his ex-girlfriend. >> officers immediately responded to the scene. when they arrived they found two victims deceased and then found two more that were injured. >> reporter: the man allegedly then drove ten mile away to a home reportedly owned by his ex- wife. law enforcement officials said he threw an explosive device into the house and after it went off he went inskied shot four people. two were killed, two boys ages 11 and 13 made it. police said that the suspect pretended to be one of the victims when police arrived at the scene. he reportedly repeated his name, rank and serial number. >> the suspect was taken in to custody without incide
every -- year the number one pick of all of the law enforcement appearances with in texas. >> that was just part of the 911 call from the lieutenant governor of texas trying to get through to someone after finding a relative was in jail >> i intend to jump into this and see what can be done to [inaudible] very nice lady for a miscarriage of justice and spent the night in jail. >> he asked to speak to the sheriff or a local judge but his critics say he crossed the line, abusing his power and asking for special treatment . . officials are standing behind the lieutenant governor saying he didn't ask for anything out of line. >> it appears this may be the end of the road for the san diego mayor. reports say he is now prepared to resign after a month long sexual harassment scandal. that's something other democrats have been demanding along with a long line of women who say he mistreated them. >> when we posed for the photograph there was a hand on my back to my buttocks. >> he asked me to work without my underwear on. >> whatever agreement has been reached will be vot
. >> reporter: these are the sure shots, a women's only shooting league based in austin, texas. >> you rocked that one, girl. that was awesome. >> reporter: nationwide, gun ownership is at an all-time high, and now a record 23% of women say they own a gun. >> fire! >> reporter: these women are dead serious about the right to bear arms. >> you have to think defensively all the time. you have to think about it when you're in your car. you have to think about it when you're at the grocery store. i mean, it just takes a second for everything to change. >> reporter: holly gal etch r is a mother of two who says she joined sure shots to learn the best way to protect her family. >> we talk about what is that situation if somebody breaks in the house? you know, your dad and i, we're going to defend you. but i also know my 10-year-old will be able to pick up my a.r. and he'll be able to use it. >> who here regularly carries in a purs do you have a specific spot in your purse that it goes? >> reporter: today holly's running through a series of intensive drills designed specifically for women who pack he
announced thursday it's-- it's going to sue texas over the id laws in the state requiring voters to show proper identification before getting in the voting booth. the justice department claims the law discriminates against minorities and serves as an impassable roadblock violating the 14th and 15th amendments. in a statement eric holder says we will not allow the supreme court decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue mer yews that suppress voting rights. -- measures to suppress voting rights. in a separate case the justice department will file a motion to intervene in a lawsuit challenging texas' redistricting laws. >>> bradley manning says he felt he has been a female since childhood and he wants people to now refer to him as chelsea. the former army intelligence analyst returned to fort leavenworth on thursday to serve out a 35 year sentence for leaking classified documents. military says they will not provide him with hormones necessary to change his gender but manning's attorney deman the prison give it to him. >> if they don't i will do everything in my power t
for you now and many parents have web cams to keep young children safe. up next what a texas father said he heard coming from his child's bedroom and this can serve as warn warning to all parents out there. also, one person is dead and cars and homes damage and destroyed. this is a horrible scene coming out of colorado. many scenes like this could be feared for days to come for what's being done to clean up good morning maryland continues in a moment. news time 5:34. so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day. chase freedom. so you can. >>> a veg story those living in pigtown are angry after the neighborhood is hit by what they say is a pair of burglars. the crimes are so upsetting the neighbors because they say police are slow to respond to the calls and abc2 news roosevelt leftwich is live counsel town-- downtown with more. they are exactly. in fact it's been a week of frustration for people-- they are talking about police not responding for hours. >> reporter: exactly in fact it's been a week of fru
to texas for the evaluation monday. he's not released any information about his ongoing condition. >>> ravens fans are pretty much a loyal group. a new study puts ravens fans number 8 among the 32 nfl teams. the top of the list, how about them cowboys. dallas is number one. they used team box office revenues relative to the team's success on the field, market population and stadium capacity. >>> the 1972 miami dolphins are being invited to the white house. president obama will honor them today. back in 1972 it wasn't a tradition for the president to invite teams to the white house to congratulate them. >> to think that 40 years later that great accomplishment is going to be remembered by the president of the united states, that's pretty impressive. >> the 1972 miami dolphins remain the only nfl team to win every game in the regular season and playoffs. they beat the redskins in the super bowl in 1973. >>> take a look at this. this is incredible. it's time lapse video showing the eruption of a volcano in new zealand. it's mostly steam you're seeing shooting into the air. the volcan
flooding. right there into texas. that's who needs it. you could see over three inches. >> this weather report brought to you by bush's baked beans. now, we get to the part with how you can get a puppy. i had to hand jimmy off, over to darryl sampson with petco. why are we doing this in new york city? and how do we get these beautiful faces into our homes? >> unleashed by petco. we're down here at riverside park today to have a summer snow day. we have les, lea, and devon down here. these guys came in first thing this morning from tennessee. we bring the smaller dogs into new york city because they tend to be able to find homes better with people with apartments. >> how do you get them? >> come down here to riverside park. come to the snow day. we're here until it melts. probably around 1:00. and we have another event going on, which is going to be an event where we're establishing a world record for the most kongs stuffed in one day. >> i'm going to take jimmy back. i have one in my arms now. i can't put him down. he is so warm and cuddly. he's so sweet. let's go back in the studio. i
a national trend. several days of tax-free back to school shopping. georgia, massachusetts and texas are giving the state sponsored discount this weekend. connecticut will get it next weekend. earlier this month, a dozen other states took part. retailers are as delighted as consumers. >> shirt -- >> shirt. >> pants -- >> pants. >> shoes -- >> shoes. especially in this economy, every little bit helps. >> reporter: are you excited to go back? >> yeah. >> reporter: total sales could top $42 billion, and parents say every penny saved makes a difference. >> i looked forward to that growing up in texas as well. thanks for the story. >>> exciting news surrounding the centuries-old mona lisa mystery. who is the face on one of the most famous paintings in the world? the model for the masterpiece? scientists think her identity could be revealed through dna testing. here's abc's kirit. >> she appears larger from the left -- >> reporter: the clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so ground breaking, you might expect to find tom hanks from "the da vinci code" on the scene. instead it's
police turned down the street to his home in port arth arthur, texas, the intruders began to make their way inside. >> they're in here. >> they're inside the room now. they're inside the bedroom where he's at. >> after a minute of chilling silence from him, the dispatcher checks to make sure he is still safe. >> you there? deion? >> i'm here. >> okay. just stay there. the officers are going to catch the guy, okay? >> it sounds like there are multiple people. >> okay, be quiet. >> police saw two men run from the home near this canal and into the woods. he was still in the closet listening to the reassuring words from the dispatcher. >> so is the police officer outside the house? >> yeah. but stay inside the closet because they're trying to find the bad guys, okay? you're doing good, doing real good, perfect. your mom's going to be proud of you. >> this is actually the only thing i could think of. >> well, you thought well. you thought well. you're a very, very smart young man. you do did a good thing. >> what a wonderful dispatcher. so why was he home alone? his mother says she had
. it is crawling along in the bay. the closest point to america is brownsville, texas. the forecast shows it will run out of real estate soon. it will rain out over central mexico likely. it is more active next week. so 60 tonight and comfortably clear. tomorrow 87 and tons of sunshine and a little stickier. i think we have a widespread deal for wednesday. thursday and friday is pushing 90 for labor day weekend. what a rare treat. looks good. >> all right. first day of school no problem. >> no problems. >>> we have baby pictures to show you when we come back. >> closed captioning brought to you by luna. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission. and t minus 10...9... serve the world's best tasting chicken. that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 8... and prepared fresh by real cooks. 7... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. t-minus 5, 4... taste why fresh is better. 2...1... try an 8-piece meal of our freshly prepared chicken, 2 large sides and 4 biscuits, now with 10 of our new hot shot bites, all for j
this rain yet. houston, there are some areas of texas that desperately need rain and we have been watching that tropical low, still looks like it could clip the south end of texas. a little good news at the end there. >> ginger zee, thank you. >>> now to the string of bear attacks tonight. nearly half a dozen attacks in the last 48 hours. several people injured. among them a little girl. the first attack in yellowstone national park. another one, 70 miles in idaho. another attack in colorado. just tonight, word of a rescue in alaska. a mauling in the middle of the evening. they wore night-vision goggles to find him. abc's linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: this 12-year-old was going for a jog, training for her favorite sport when she came across a bear. >> and she had seen a bear out of the corner of her eye. >> reporter: her grandfather said she started to run faster but the black bear like this one chased her. >> started running again and he came up behind her again and knocked her down. >> reporter: at one point, abigail tried to play dead and but she did the best thing she could do --
out of texas for you this morning. four people are dead, four others hurt in a shooting rampage near dallas and one of its suburbs. we learned in the past half hour the suspect is now in police custody. they're saying they're not releasing the name, including any connection he has to the victims. police say, however, the man was looking for his ex- girlfriend, so when he went to one of the houses, she wasn't there. two people were found dead inside, two others injured. police say the alleged gunman then went to a second home 15 minutes away and opened fire there. two people died in that house, two others hurt. we're going to stay on this story throughout the course of the morning. also you will hear more about it on "good morning america." for the very latest in breaking news, you can always stay with us on twitter at abc 2 news hashtag gmm. >>> 6:45 right now. demonstrations, public outcry and passionate pleas in front of city council did very little for those who are against a tax break for a developer in harbor east. many say this is a bad deal for people who live in the city and
accused of gunning down soldiers in fort hood, texas. nidal hasan is facing a number of charges for the shooting that killed 13 and injured 32. his backup lawyers have now been asked to withdraw from the case. they say his son is working with the prosecution to achieve the death penalty. hasan is representing himself. he's asked few questions of the witnesses who saw the 2009 attacks. some of them who were shot by hasan. >>> in the meantime up to boston we go where the jury is still deliberating in the racketeering trial of james "whitey" bulger. the jury must sort through stacks of evidence, including crime scene photos, forensic images, guns, even bulger's informant file. the alleged mob boss is accused of 19 murders along with a number of counts of extors torgs and money laundering. >>> the maryland general assembly created a task force on juvenile court jurisdiction. they're meeting today and the whole reason is is to begin looking at the laws on dealing with young criminals, including how to reduce the number of kids in adult detention centers and prisons. a final report
biden. there's word he's being evaluated at a center in texas. he felt weak after driving to indiana for a family vacation. this isn't the first health scare for beau biden who become delaware's attorney general in 2007. he spent a week in the hospital and more than a month recuperating at home. >>> aretha franklin is not going to be able to attend, health issues are preventing the music legend from taking part in the ceremony set to take place this weekend in chicago. no word on wassailing her. major league baseball plans to recognize her at a later day. >>> a mantra saudi arabia weighs 1345 pounds and now he's preparing to lose weight. forklifts, and a trolley have to be used to get him around his home in preparation for a flight to a medical facility. from there he's going to undergo a series of dietary and physical programs to lose weight. >>> stay with us this morning, because this is going to make you mad and have you asking why are they so rich. the list of the wealthiest lawmakers on capitol hill is out. where will is all this money coming from. >> and as we head to break thi
league based in austin, texas. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: nationwide gun ownership is at an all-time high. and a record 23% of women say they own a gun. this sisterhood of gun enthusiasts has grown 200 members in 3 years. the gun industry markets to women, with smaller, female-friendly firearms. hire-powered rifles, awash in pink. and loads of accessories for the fashion conscious shooter. there's so many products that l.a.-based gun blogger, gnatry foster, started a website, called a girl's guide to guns. >> they want more information. anything from what gun to buy to what holliststers to use, to wh hair-do you want to make yourself cute at the range. the industry is letting us have a lot of fun with our firearms. and women are owning it in a really cool way. >> reporter: lori works with women against gun violence. >> for every time a gun is fired in self-defense, there are four accidental shootings. there are seven homicides or assaults. and 11 attempted or successful suicides. >> reporter: laurie believes that guns don't make women safer. but reasonable gun control will. but
a possible death sentence. >>> in austin, texas, a man is charged with trying to crash a plane by working to open the emergency exits while it was in the air. the airtran flight from baltimore made an emergency landing in memphis on monday. randolph robinson is charged with attempting to damage an aircraft. the indictment says robinson's actions forced flight attendants to physically remove him from the doors. no one on board that plane was hurt. >>> delaware attorney general bo biden is in great shape and will be discharged from the hospital today. vice president joe biden says his son has had a successful medical procedure at a cancer center in houston, texas. he is being evaluated after becoming weak and disoriented last week. there's no word now on what that procedure was. >>> more affordable college education, that's the focus of a two-day bus tour by president barack obama that kicks off today. the president will visit schools in new york and pennsylvania to push through a number of proposals aimed at curbing the rising and higher costs of higher education. the president says pric
on the scene. kbu. , abc affiliate out of aust austin texas posted this photo gallery and you see how close the firefighters are to the blazeings. the trucks are parked beside the fire and you see that there. and the haze and the smoke and another of those fire scenes. this is giving you an idea of what it look like there engulfed in flames and another photo gallery is courtesy of the sacramento bee. see the firefighters getting up close and personal with the fire. another one right there at the camp entrance. and quadrupled in size. originally it was breezeed that the fire was -- believed the fire was 5 3erz contained -- 5% contained but it quadrupled in size and is 1% contained. -- 5% contained but it quadrupled in size and is 1% contained. >>> the state fair is kicking off today. it's the celebration of maryland and the end of summer. roosevelt leftwich is live there. rosy around a bunch of pregnant animals. dang rouse. >> reporter: we moved to -- dangerous. >> reporter: we moved to what happened after they have gotten older. this is the 4h farm world where you can bring your kids out an
. >>> department of justice is suing texas over voting id law requires voters to show identification in voting booths. the justice department claims the law violates the 1965 voting rights act and the constitution 14th and 15th amendments. texas passed the law back in 2011 but did not implement it until the past june when the supreme court struck down the key provisions on voting rights the act that prevents states from changing election laws. >>> this is a little more laid back right now. the best 11 days of summer kick off today. you can enjoy fried food and fun ride and great entertainment and in a few hours the maryland tate fair will be officially be opened for business. who better than the o's. roosevelt leftwich. tie is off and jacket is off and you look good and relaxed. >> reporter: that's one of the -- you have to have the boots but you know what, this is going to be a mom to be. she is going to have-- i know megan had twins but she is going to have from 6 to 16 piglets out here. it's just this is a birthing area for the maryland state fair and there's nothing but pregnant moms, we h
? >> martha, thank you. >>> and back here at home tonight, and to a break in the case in texas, after a remarkable 911 call. a brave boy as his home was being robbed, calling for help. and the calming voice at the other end of the line. here tonight, abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: listen closely as 12-year-old dion murdoch dialed 911, alone in his texas home. >> 911. where is the emergency? hello? >> someone is trying to break into my house. they just broke the window, ma'am. >> they just broke the window? what room are you? >> i'm in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> i am. stay on the phone with me. >> reporter: the dispatcher tells little dion to go into the closet, doing her best to reassure him along the way. as police say these two young men break into the house. >> i'm going to have to whisper now because i think they're coming in. please hurry. >> they are, they are. >> they're in there. >> they're inside the room now. >> reporter: then, chilling silence for a full minute. >> you there dion? okay, just stay there. the officers, i think they're going to catch the guy
weather around oklahoma and texas panhandle. more flash flooding in kansas, missouri. rainy, colorado and new mexico. >> mostly 80s in the rocky. triple digits. phoenix, dal lalgs. 80, atlanta to boston. >> we have never seen a story quite like this one. we will get right to it. a woman in denver start aid company making diapers for chickens. >> okay. >> huh. >> the important part of it again. diapers for chickens. >> i guess they're quite messy. never owned a chicken. for the many folks now keeping backyard flk flocks. diapers cut down on the spread of germs from all that stuff that gets caught in the diapers. >> okay. chicken diapers. following a warning from the cdc about outbreak of sal ma nellmo linked to bird kept in homes. >> this is popular. people greg their own eggs. awe thought you were talking chickens and diapers. that's what's catching on around the country. it seems like it is difficult to get the diapers on the chickens. >> yeah, right. >> right. >> get your eggs and all the other stuff in there. >> hire somebody to clean up. >> eh. awe calling up. amazing child birth
to be dry and warm. >>> updating you on breaking news out of texas where the former u.s. army psychiatrist has been convicted in the fort hood shoot -- shooting rampage. the trial now goes to the sentencing phase where the death penalty is a possibility. >>> he's been the man in charge of one of our country's most secretive and important agencies for more than a decade. he knows where all the bodies are buried. robert mueller opens up to abc news, including what he sees as the greatest threat we're facing. >> reporter: outgoing fbi director robert mueller is offering a sober assessment. he told pierre thomas what keeps him up at night. >> the possibility of a plane being taken down. a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a terrorist. >> reporter: mueller warned about another danger, americans joining islam mick radicals. do you believe some americans have made their way to syria? yes. >> reporter: he says fror groups and individuals have -- terror groups and individuals have my great to many areas in the middle east. >> it changed from september 11th where it was al qaeda, afghanista
by unsuspecting buyers, you should check the history of a car before making the purchase. >>> texas boy spent summer vacation mowing yards, dillan, wasn't doing it to make much for himself he is raising the money for the victims of moore, oklahoma. he said he mowed 90 lawns in two months and raised $16,000 for the people in oklahoma. >> a lot of people say my mom is making me. i decided to mow for oklahoma. i worked in 104 degrees. that didn't stop me. i'm still going. two dozen people died and dozens more hurt when a tornado ripped through oklahoma. we remember the storm so well. it's stories like dillans we will remember in the weeks and months to come. >> we talk about now, we are nice and calm for the most part. quiet in to the afternoon, we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms to pop up in the forecast. the showers and thunderstorms popping up across the plains, dealing with flooding once again like they did last week. outside manchester, we have clouds out there, patchy fog as well. we will get sunshine in here before it's said and done. we are definitely going to deal with
bringing two massive twisters striking oklahoma and texas with winds registering 200. it has brought two tornadoes. while it seems like an active year, the count is well below average. in a typical year the country will see over 1200 tornadoes. so far only 460 touched down, 700 fewer than normal. two years ago the nation experienced the 2011 tornado season which dropped nearly 1700 tornadoes killing over 500 people across the country. this year we've experienced cooler than average temperature across the east coast brought on by a rather flat stream. this prevented wind shear from developing. while things appear to be rather calm now, it con feature beauty and trining quilt but also -- tranquility. >> i'll have more on my blog which you can find at >>> all right. back-to-school in baltimore county, they're taking time to remind people about school zone safety. the message is loud and clear for students we talked to. we're not just talking about walkers. they're trying to reach lots of people. the slogan for drivers is drive smart. stop for pedestrians. last year 1,000 pedes
.4 million. texas republican congressman michael mccaul slid to second place worth about 102 million bucks. the next three spots go to democrats, virginia's senator mark warner, west virginia senator jay rockefeller and connecticut senator richard blumeen that blumeen thal. >>> facebook wants to get more of the world's 7 billion people online. the company has formed a partnership with and large mobile technology companies. its goal is to make internet access available to two-thirds of the world who are not connected. the group's plan includes maybe developing cheaper smartphones and also using mobile data more officially. >>> if you're smart and rich there's a good chance you use google. those are the findings of gnaw study released. the study found that people who google tend to live in states with high college graduation rates and income. the findings should be taken with a grain of salt. the stats only provide descriptive results and don't explain the "what and why" behind those findings. >>> the roof of the model s electric sedan is so strong it broke the testing machine d
to be put inside a mountain in texas. it will chime once a century. a kind of hello to the infin it in future. from a guy who loves the infin it in possibilities right now. >> we love the pioneer. we even like going down alleys that turn out to be blind alleys. every once in awhile, one of those blind alleys opens up into a broad avenue. >> and so we choose the aston h astonishing jeff bezos. we thank you for watching. "20/20" tonight in this week of lotto fever, how to get lucky and stay lucky. >>> and david mere, here this weekend. good night.
video monitors. but for one family in texas, the parents were not the ones checking on their kid. mark gilbert believes someone hacked the router and his camera. and he says he first heard someone's voice and he went into his daughter's room and the camera moved onto him and he realized where the noise was coming from. what's worst is what the hacker was calling his young girl. >> he said wake you will allison. [ beep. [ brag and -- beep ] and as a father i am supposed to protect her but it's a little embarrassing but it won't happen again. >> he says the hack core see the daughter name on the wall which is how he knew what to call her and the only saving grace was that his daughter allison was born deaf and didn't hear a thing. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you now good morning maryland. >> new this morning tragedy at a ball park in atlanta. a fan falls to his death find out what police say happened and what they are investigating today. a live picture as we start this tuesday morning our area under a flash flood watch. what
millionaires today, in colorado, texas and oklahoma, powerball ticket holders earned a $2 million prize. there were $1 million winner in a total of 16 states. white says he's been banking on this win for a while, something he joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the joke was their financial plan consists is of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. who is right now? >> reporter: white says his first purchase is likely going to be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad. as for the stores that sold those winning tickets they are all going to get a little jackpot of its own. this stop and shop says it's likely going to donate it's money to the community. people have been lining up to get their powerball tickets for saturday night's drawing, another $40 million. >> i love his first purchase by the way. thank you so much. >>> still ahead on "world news." go get your old cell phones. we're going to show you a new way to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket right now. it's real money. and the new thrill awaiting you on your vacation. is your fam
jersey. and there are several other newly minted millionaires today. in colorado, texas and oklahoma, power ball ticket holders earned a 2 million dollar prize. and there were one million dollar winners in a total of 16 states. as for white he says he's been bank on this win for a while -- banking on this win for a while and something he joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the description was the financial plan was consisting of playing the lottery and everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. whose right now? >> reporter: he says one of the first purchases will be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad and as for the stores who sold the winning ticket the lottery has bonuses for them and thisstop and shop will donate 309,000 dollars mmunity. lindsey davis abc news. >>> lends yea -- lindsey reported winners in other state. lottery officials say one million dollar ticket was sold at dunkirk fast stop on southern maryland boulevard the 8th, 2nd tier power ball ticket sold in maryland this year. time for a check on the weather. it doesn't feel like we hit the jac
, they produced much needed rain in oklahoma, kansas and west texas. >> we continue to watch for the potential for more flash flooding rains. >>> months after hurricane sandy devastated parts of new york and new jersey, still come problems, this time in the form of used cars. hundreds of thousands were under water. now that they dried out they're being sold on used car lots. while they may look fine on the outside, the air bags and other safety systems may not work, so you definitely want to get this checked out. >>> moms and dads put a lot of thought into picking out the perfect name are in their baby. a judge is telling one mom she needs to change her son's name. how the case got into the courtroom in the first place. >> and why a -- and myths around pregnancy. this summer, new york state is back and open for business. with endless beaches, hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacati
. >> observe here, guys. >> that is a truck spinning out of control in san antonio, texas. we got this video from our friends at ksat. according to witnesses he not only hit the sign post, he rammed that truck across the street inside of a blockbuster individuvideo causing thousands dollars worth of damage. >> i turn around to see what happened and i see the truck is just inside of the store. >> and according to eyewitnesses, before cameras started rolling on this incident this guy hit several other guys. >> came out this way, sped out, smashed through like two cars like a bull dozer. >> did he have a stuck gas pedal? what was going on here? >> according to police this driver was under the influence of prescription narcotic pills. when they came to the scene, after onlookers called 911, they found inside his car -- >> never let his foot off the gas. >> i thought i was going to die the driver of the truck the only person injured in the incident. taken to the hospital with a broken collarbone. and police have charged this man with dwi. >> he's trying to -- >> what's scary if you're one of peop
leads from texas to canada and mexico. the first statewide amber alert issued to all california cell phones. he is believe teed be driving a blue nissan versa. >>> 62 years after her death, the family of henrietta lax can rest a little easier. she died without her family's ken, her cells because -- con sesz. her cells were used without her consent. . the family reached a genetic privacy agreement with nih, researchers will be allowed full access to the database governerned by the panel that contains family members. her story is the subject of a best seller the im mortal life of henrietta lax. >>> with no intention of catching a flight to bwi, the protest was in response to the treatment of a moral mother born in american flights. she was asked by a flight attendant to use a blanket to cover herself while breast feeding. she and other moms were offended by the request so more than 20 months showed up today for flursing in front of the american -- for nursing in front of the counter. >> we do this in the discretion or mo. >> american air lines sent an apology letter. the policy is to a
fell to his death in texas, right in front of his son. his mother, connie homer, said her only son larks landscape are and lifelong atlanta braves fan called her during the rain delay, just before his death. >>> caught on camera tonight a 9-year-old boy is dead and family left with lots of questions after the woman behind the wheel of a car plowed into a car full of people. the boy's family was on vacation. the boy's mother and 6-year-old sibling was injured. the woman who hit them claims that her gas pedal got stuck. >> two good samaritans caught on camera. watch as he stops and gets off his bike to help a woman in a whole chair stuck in a rut and this man help as blind man who was walking on the side of a busy road. >>> so, some isolated storm action is possible. we're not quite done with the active weather yet. you see a healthy thunderstorm north of the maryland state line and this particular heavy downpour headed toward the susquehanna may enter northern cecil or harford county toward rising sun, an area that does not need more rain. we have lost some of the lightning. most of
originally from texas visited a small town in northern california and decided this is where i want to live. and luckily, bank of america was selling a 19th century bank building and he put a offer on it, and if you want to live somewhere why not a bank. >> well, not a bank. >> well, it is a bank building and old 19th century bank building in downtown in this small town and he had to do something so people wld n walk into hihouse, ande rrand heetrssoth it says not a bank. and now inside of the bank home, shall we? e he kept the original structure, and the original wall where the tellers would have been, but he turned the public bathroom in the bank into his kitchen. he uses upstairs as the bedroom, but what does he do with the vault? >> you probably have something called a garage that you put all of your bicycles and junk. okay. i have a vault. or as we call it the black hole. >> you have to have somewhere to put the junk, so he uses it as the giant storage closet. >> kind of not that exciting. >> yeah. >> you know, you want him to do something cool like make it into a guy's room. >> like a
an abuse of power? >> this is david dewhurst. i'm lieutenant governor of the state of texas. >> reporter: david dewhurst is one of the most powerful people in texas politics. that's might explain why he seemed miffed this month, when the officer on this 911 call didn't know who he was. >> you don't know me. but i am, every year, the number one pick of all of the law enforcement agencies within texas. >> reporter: dewhurst was calling the allen county police, to help get his step niece out of jail. saying she had been unfairly detained for shoplifting at a grocery store. >> apparently a bag involving $57 worth of groceries wasn't scanned. >> reporter: during the call, dewhurst was running for re-election, was asked how he can keep his relative out of jail. asking to speak to a sheriff or a local judge. >> can you give me the telephone number of the county judge there. what do i need to do in order to not circumvent anything, follow the law. because this is -- this is ridiculous. >> this was a politician calling the local police operation, trying to get a niece released in a way%g"' that r
. when i was younger, i spent summers, make money. mow lawns. do a lot of things. fine, a boy in texas spent his summer mowing lawns and making money like a million other all-american boys. 11-year-old dillon ortman. wasn't doing it to make money for him sef. raising money for victims of oklahoma, he mowed nearly 90 lawns in two months. he raised $16,000. >> i want to live where he is living. >> for moore, oklahoma. >> and in adegs to whdition to charged. he cannot stop his work. he said i worked in 104 degrees. and my dad says you are going to work to the bone, dillon. it was important to him. he made $16,000. mowing lawns. he is going to donate. >> what a good kid. i love that. >> check this out. a minor craze. across malaysia. it happened and you went to seep it with alexa. >> i saw despicable one. >> despeicable two. and this was posted to day. 25,000 hit. and with the happy meal, is giving away despicable me two little characters. people went crazy. they were on lynn to get the toys. i remember a craze similar. disney princesses at mcdonald's. never that crazy. look at that. at la
millionaires in colorado, texas and oklahoma. powerball ticketholders earned $2 million prize. and $1 million winners in a total of 16 states. as for white he has been banking on this win for a while. something he had recently joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the description was their financial plan consists of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name. they thought it was funny then. who's right now? >> white says one of his first purchases will likely be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad. as for the stores that sold the winning tech ets the lottery has bonuses for all. the stop & shop said it will likely donate its $30,000 to the community. linsey davis, abc news, south brunswick >> beautiful thing. rising rivers and creeks across the midsection, forcing people to flee to higher, drier ground. a 5 week old infant among the flood victims rescued. firefighters had to wade through chest high walter to take lauren marlin from the family's attic. her father was in shock. >> next thing you know weep were in the attic trying to get the babies upstairs. it's hard. it is scary. you
across the southeast and in texas. >> going to be 100 degrees for you in dallas. into the high 80s. miami into boston. temperatures also in the 80s up and down the west coast and great lakes. >> we throw the title hero around a lot. but in this case, the title seems to be just right. >> the hero is 15-year-old michael shearer, doing work on a rural road in maryland the other day when he heard a crash. he ran to the scene and spotted a small fire under the vehicle. and a mother screaming her three children were inside the vehicle. >> well, my first main thoughts were to get them out of the car. the whole time i was doing that. i was -- that was the only thing i was thinking about was the fire. and the amount of smoke that started spewing out of the car was getting ridiculous. i knew we was -- it was a race against time. >> great kid. right after they got out, all three kids, safely, shearer said the whole front of the car went on fire. the driver and kids suffered minor injuries. >> oh, my gosh. i can't even imagine a situation like that. the fact that he was so calm. he realized there was
in that area. it will be mostly showers in the northern rockies. hazy, hot and humid in texas and across the southern plains. the southeast can expect more storms. and the rain stretching up for much of the east coast. >> it will hit 85 in washington, baltimore and here in new york. dallas also dips below 100, down to 99. phoenix still up there at 100. mostly 80 degrees in california. and only into the 70s in the northwest. >>> serious glitch on wall street brings trading to a halt. how did this affect the markets during an already down week? >>> and stranded at sea. a fisherman is saved after treading water for nearly an entire day. this morning, hear from the survivor's wife. and the man who made the rescue. >>> also, whipping winds sending a giant balloon flying through a parking lot. a closer look at some must-see video of the day. >>> technicians still scratching their heads on wall street over what triggered that computer glitch that halted operations at nasdaq yesterday. the problem shut down trading for about three hours. and worried investors as it hit several big tech companies
on the national stage, one an army major accused of gunning down soldiers at fort hood in texas. nadal hassan is charged with murder and premeditated murder. his trial came to an abrupt end when his lawyers wanted to withdraw from the trial. they say they can't sit by and watch what's going on. hassan is representing himself but allowed defense lawyers to serve in a standby capacity. >>> in the meantime, the jury continues deliberating today in the racketeering trial of james whitey bulger. jurors must sort through forensic images, guns, even bulger's 700-page informant file. the alleged mob boss is accused of 19 murders along with several counts of extortion and money laundering. the jury must decide whether those crimes contributed to a rain of terror in boston. >>> the thieves accused of targeting female shoppers in anne arundel county are behind bars. the two are charged with multiple theft and credit card offenses. police say that the two would distract female shoppers at grocery stores and then steal their wallets. detectives also say the pair are suspects in similar cases in d.c., vir
. >>> the delaware destroyers, joe flacco to ray rice. flacco, going to jacoby jones. the former texas a&m aggie. flacco, seven of nine. 57 yards with a pick. ravens would win by many. >>> the last major of the golf season. and it's the last chance this year for tiger woods to get major number 15. bogey putt left him at double-bogey at the final ole. 1 over 71. jim furyk, former major champion. he's our co-leader. shoots a 5 under 65. the approach on 18 leads to a short birdie putt. and your reigning masters champion, adam scott. had a run of five-straight birdies. he ends the day tied with furyk at the top at 5 under. remember to always tip your caddie. >>> and have a great friday. >>> coming up next, "the pulse." and one excited grandma. what could be the best pregnancy announcement ever. >>> and fightal voyage. it inspired a sitcom sensation. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever wonder why no other mouthwash feels like listerine®? because no other mouthwash works like listerine®. in your mouth, bacteria forms in layers. listerine® penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacte
in fort hood texas. >>> you will see more security near john hopkins school of medicine in east baltimore because several employees have been robbed and assaulted by the campus. published reports say more foot patrols and bike patrols will be seen along north-- street. there's going to be an increasedpolice presence outside the student apartments on a norfolk street. >>> at least one of the power ball winners is from new jersey and it's 16 actually. employees from county garage in toms river pooled the money together and bought one of the three winning tickets. their boss said they did show up for work on thursday an though they knew they were millionaires. the other ticket winner from new jersey has not come forward. we doesn't note identities of those power ball -- know -- don't know the eye dennities of the those power ball winners we -- identities of those power ball winners we know one who -- someone who won in minnesota. they say he says he was thrilled to become a millionaire but hopes that fame dies down quickly. >> there's two more winners throughout, too. so, there's two pour mo
taking it to texas. that would be much better. but if a piece of that moisture goes along the stationary front, i want to show you the numbers, this is what's going to happen. this is what's going to happen regardless because that stationary front dropping more and and potential flash flooding tallahassee up to raleigh. now a tropical depression, erin, is what we're talking about. let's look at the path. it stays out in the atlantic and keeps weakening. maybe a brush with bermuda, but we'll be watching. >> see you in the morning. thank you. >>> to the west tonight and at least 11 states not getting rain but sorely in need of it. dozens of wildfires still burning out west, including the beaver creek fire. the fire now covers 85 square miles. 800 homes were evacuated because of the flames. warnings that near record drought could lead to new fires. >>> now to the study about the tornado back in may. "world news" has been following the town since the storm struck, especially the teachers and students at those two schools, including briar wood elementary school. >> i've seen the cellphone pic
council. the leader of the opposition to more than $100 million of texas increment -- also got a tip with karl stokes. he pulled no punches tonight. >> this is probably the worst piece of legislation i have ever seen. >> but supporters include the mayor say the project on a now vacant side will create hundreds of jobs and bring hundreds of millions of dollars back to the city. in new tax revenue. mike the beaty was also a major force in redeveloping the upscale harbor east area. >> i think a lot of people oppose it now coming and saying, you know, what? that was a pretty good project. >> and he dismissed environmental concerns about the site where chrome was processed and a manufacturing plant for more than 100 years. >> my officers are there. my kid goes down to the site. there was chrome all around baltimore city. we know exact will why you are. there is a process how you go and build on. >> reporter: the tip will pay for streets, park and other infrastructure. including the head quarters of xlonn corporation. the city wants to borrow and spend more than $100 million. there are oth
. makes my heart hurt. >>> moving on to serious news. we've got two people from ft. worth, texas, who are recovering this morning after being attacked by bees. one of them stung over 100 times. an elderly man was stung first then the emt who rushed to treat the man was also attacked. bees kill more americans a year than any other animal. >>> from bees to bear, campers and hikers in these last days of summer are being warned about a spike in bear attacks. >> at least six people have been mauled in five states over the past week including 12-year-old abby wetherell attacked in michigan as she jogged home from her grandparents' home. we asked her if she thought she'd survive. >> no, i didn't. i was like, objection, my gosh, i'm gonna -- this is it. i'm gonna die. what it came back the second time it kind of stopped so i kind of betted it and that did not work. so then it just mauled me i think worse. >> wow. abby says when she played dead the bear eventually did go away. we'll hear more about abby later this morning on "good morning america." >>> coming up next is "the pulse." one guy ju
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